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The Lake

I needed to get out and think. The past few months had been difficult and I just wanted to get away from it all, be by myself, think, meditate, relax. The lake near our house is only a 15 minute walk away and the weather today was beautiful so it made sense to spend an hour or two there. It was a tranquil place, the lake was big, surrounded by colourful bushes and flowers and there were hardly ever any people around.

When I got to the lake, it glistened under the afternoon sun and a few butterflies danced around the flowers. I made myself comfortable on the dark green moss on the floor and closed my eyes. But soon enough, I was startled and opened my eyes as I heard a few splashes in the distance. I looked to see where it was coming from and made out two shapes in the lake a few hundred meters away. It looked like two young boys were out swimming. Great, I thought, the last thing I needed was noise. I decided to block the splashing noises and voices out and again closed my eyes. I made myself comfortable and bathed in the warm sunshine that caressed my legs. I was wearing a casual white dress which showed off my legs.

Half an hour went by as I happily dozed off in the sun when I heard the voices and splashes again. This time, the noises were a lot closer. I looked up and saw that indeed there were two boys out for a swim and had now swum up to where I was relaxing. They were about 18 or 19 and had tight tanned muscular bodies. They were both very good looking. They noticed me and called over to say hello and hoped they hadn’t been bothering me. “No, don’t worry..” I called over to them..”Please carry on..”

Please do indeed, I thought admiring them both.

One of the boys got out of the water and shook himself dry in the heat. He was tall, lean, had dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The other boy was still in the water looking at me smiling, he was dark skinned with chocolate brown hair and dark mysterious eyes. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. They were beautiful boys. But I tried not to notice them too much; I was about 10 years older than them and felt a bit silly.

They soon introduced themselves to me and sat close by on their towels letting the suns rays dry their silken wet bodies. I watched them, hoping they didn’t notice I was staring too much. They had fresh faces, glistening eyes and messy hair. They told me they’d finished their first year at university and today was their last day of exams so they came to the lake to relax after all the exam stress and pressure. We chatted about each other, what we did, where we lived etc. They were sweet and friendly and it was nice to lose myself in a conversation with strangers…

After a while the boys decided to bathe again and asked if I wanted to join them. Unfortunately I didn’t have my bathing suit with me. They both smiled at me suggestively…

I knew instantly what they wanted. I felt that familiar heat between my thighs as I looked around and made sure nobody was around. Is this crazy? I wondered to myself, but then decided that not doing this would be crazy. Just look at them, gorgeous young boys, gorgeous young bodies, looking up at me, dazzling smiles…

I removed my dress until I was in my lacy white lingerie and walked slowly into the water. The boys were mesmerised by my body and watched my every move as I edged closer into the water. They came up close to me as I was up to my belly in water. It was cold, but it felt delicious against my skin in this heat. The boys too made their way into the water until we were all close. Suddenly, we were all quiet. I sensed hunger in their eyes as they both looked at me. One of the boys, the blonde one, took my hand in his and kissed it softly…the other began to kiss my neck. This was ecstasy I thought. The blonde boy moved closer and kissed my lips while the dark haired boy continued lustfully to kiss my neck, earlobes, biting them, teasing them…I felt so sensual…

I placed my hands on both of their erect cocks, one hand on each, they were hard as rock beneath their trunks. They both removed their swimming trunks and flung them to the side of the lake; I gently began to masturbate them both in the water while we all kissed. They moaned loudly as my hand moved faster, along their young shafts, feeling their pulsating cocks, they felt delicious. I then lowered myself to the blonde boys’ hard erect cock and took it in my mouth and heard him gasp. I continued to slide my hand up and down the dark haired boys cock. I let my tongue play with the tip of his shaft, swallowing his precum, then fully taking it into my mouth all the way to my throat, my lips pressed hard against his shaft. I could hear the two of them moan together, whispering to each other about how amazing I was.

The blonde boy came in seconds and exploded into my mouth and I swallowed his delicious tasting cum and felt it trickle down my throat. I took the dark haired boys cock in my mouth now and he too soon came powerfully into my mouth. It was my turn now as they both led me out of the water and onto the forest mossy floor. One of the boys undid my bra and the other slid off my panties. The dark haired boy lay on one side and began to lick and suck at my breasts and hard nipples. He sucked them and bit hard, the pain was exquisite.

The blonde boy immediately got on top of me and thrust in his again hardened cock into my aching cunt, groaning loadly. He fucked me wildly, hard, thrusting in and out,   - how I had been craving to be fucked like this. The other boy continued to suck at my breasts and after the blonde boy came inside me, he too mounted me; at first he slid his fingers into my pussy, mingling his hands and fingers with my juices and cum of the other boy. He then too took his cock and fucked me deeply. I cried out loudly as he fucked me harder than the boy before who was now too biting and licking my breasts. I soon came to an intense orgasm and cried out so loudly, I was sure someone must have heard me. We all lay in a heap in the sunshine, our juices swirling with the afternoon heat, our skin glistening with sweat and lake water…


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