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The Girl in the Sand

The sun was hot, the sky blue. I was thousands of miles from my mundane existence in the city, busy schedules, rush hour traffic, men in suits and fax machines. I was glad I didn’t have anything to do or anywhere to rush off to. I was here, living the moment on this beautiful beach, watching the waves roll in and listening to the birds above. This was just what I had planned. To do absolutely nothing. The perfect single working woman holiday.  Well, I say nothing but I did have a night out planned this evening which I was looking forward to.

The bar was small but the décor was modern and very funky. Red and orange lights skimmed the walls and interesting looking palm tree like plants were placed in every corner. I made myself comfortable on a tall white bar stool and ordered a dry martini from a very attractive young girl in a tight fitting white dress.

After a few drinks and a bit of people watching, I made my way to the dance floor as some of my favourite songs started playing and more people began to dance to the loud Reggaeton beat. It was the perfect music to sway my hips to. The floor was crowded and more and more people were coming on to the dance floor.  I was lost in the music, and the drink I had went straight to my head. I danced with a number of men; this was my holiday and I was here to enjoy the moment and not worry about a single thing…

None of the men I danced with particularly caught my attention but it was fun; feeling their bodies close to mine, their hands on my hips, eyes locked into mine. I felt attractive in my jeans and blouse – it felt great to be wanted. As I was dancing with one of the men, I suddenly caught sight of an incredibly beautiful woman across the dance floor from me. She was looking straight at me. The girl was wearing tight black trousers and a matching black top; her hair was long, blonde and shiny. Her gaze intoxicating.

I felt a shiver run up and down my spine. There was something about her. Mysterious, alluring, sexual. I don’t know what came over me but I walked over to where she was standing and took her hand to dance. She smiled at me; her eyes were simply mesmerising. I pulled her up close to me; I could feel her breasts up against mine as we danced. A lot of men began to watch us and we both could feel the attention we were getting so decided to take a break and headed to the bar. I was feeling incredibly turned on as we walked hand in hand up to order some drinks. We began to chat and giggled about the stupid predictable men watching us before. As we chatted, I was still holding her hand. We were sitting close to each other; I could almost feel her breath up against my face. The sexual chemistry between us was mind-blowing. I never expected to feel this way about another woman, but she was the most gorgeous creature I’d ever set my eyes on. Her smooth skin, tiny waist, silky hair and very feline features.

I felt her feeling it too as half way through our drinks; she got up, took my hand, winked at me and led me out the door. We headed down towards the beach; the moon was full and stars glistened down on us and the sea in the distance.

As we walked towards the dark beach, the girl stopped and looked into my eyes. She brushed away a few single strands of hair from my face and kissed my cheek. I suddenly felt the urge to kiss her, to taste her mouth, I took her face in my hands and kissed her passionately, biting her full lips, feeling her warm tongue against mine. I felt my whole body buzz as her hand caressed my shoulders and back while I kissed her.

She then began to run, her hand in mine. I ran with her to the sand dunes ahead…

As soon as we arrived and after we made sure nobody else was about, we kissed again. This time it was more forceful. I wanted her so badly. I wanted her body more than any body I have ever craved. I felt her curves, her warm flesh; I ripped off her top and lifted up her bra, taking her perfect breasts into my mouth. She tasted divine. We fell down on to the cold sand and I lay on top of her, kissing every inch of her magnificent breasts, biting her hardened nipples softly…she moaned into my ear…breathing heavily…this felt so good. She smelled and tasted delicious.

The girl then pushed me off her and climbed up on top of me, looking down on me. Her hands playing with my breasts over my blouse. She undid the buttons and while looking at me, fondled my tits, admiring them. Watching her, feeling her made me wetter and wetter…

Still looking at me, she then began to lower herself down further to my where my pussy was –  wet and waiting for her to touch me, just to touch me there…

She undid the buttons of my trousers and slid them down to my knees. I was still wearing panties, they were moist with my juices. She began to lick my thighs, teasing me; she licked up and down but not even close to where my aching pussy wanted her tongue to be. She came up to me and began to kiss me again, I suddenly felt her fingers touch my moist lips and clit, she slid them in and out of my cunt as she kissed me; I sighed and moaned, arching my back and lifting my hips high; I put my hand on her head and pulled her deeper into me. I wanted her to eat me, to feel her mouth on my lips and clit. She went down on my pussy with her gorgeous mouth, sucking hard at my throbbing clit, probing her tongue in and out of my slit. This was ecstasy…”yes, yes…more..” I cried to her…”Please…”

She continued to eat my pussy wildly, tasting my juices as I was ready to come and explode in her mouth….

I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy now…


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