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The Ultimate Fantasy

It’s late as I make my way to bed; I fall back into the soft pillows and pull the satin sheet up around my shoulders, shivering slightly as the satin tickles my skin. I lie awake for a few minutes before my tiredness takes me over and I fall into a deep sensual sleep… I awake up suddenly, I am lying face down on the bed, and something doesn’t quite feel right. I open my eyes, but I can’t see anything, I lie still for a moment. I suddenly realise I’ve been blindfolded and am tied up. My heart begins to race and I can feel it thumping away, I try to struggle free but my arms are tied securely above my head and my ankles too.

I lie silent for a while and listen but I don’t hear anything.

But then I remembered. The boy.

I told him about my ultimate fantasy on our last date. At first I was hesitant about telling him, worried he may think I was too much into kinky sex, but he didn’t say much and just smiled. Memories of the night came back to me instantly, the wine, the drunken kisses, stories of rope, blindfolds and handcuffs…

I knew instantly that it was him; here, now.

I begin to relax, I’m warm but I get a shiver down my spine, and I can feel my nipples harden against the satin sheets beneath me. I’ve forgotten about the feeling of someone watching me as I concentrate on the feel of the satin sheets and the bonds that are restraining me. This is always what I’ve wanted, to be controlled, to be tied up and blindfolded, to be completely at someone else’s mercy.

The bed covers above me begin to move down slowly across my body. The silky feel of the satin gently slides down my back, revealing my naked back. The satin stops for a moment then starts again, even more slowly than before, down the small of my back, over my bottom, and down my legs until I am completely uncovered, and completely exposed to the boy.

I don’t know how long I’ve been lying there but it seems like forever, I’m feeling incredibly turned on and am silently begging him to do something, anything, touch me, say something, anything, yet I’m left there, with still no clue as to what will happen.

Suddenly I can feel fingers running up and down my thighs, slowly and gently, they make their way up and down my legs. I can feel a hot breath along my side and I let out a silent gasp at the feel of his touch. His touching continues, circling my back, my waist, teasing me, caressing my naked skin. The sensation is unbearable as I want to see the boy before me; I want to look into his eyes…

Finally as I get up on my knees, he kisses my hanging breasts, sucking my nipples as I arch my back. The feelings are overwhelming as he devours my breasts in his mouth, first one breast, then the other, then he squeezes them closely together licking each nipple with gusto.

The heat between my thighs begins to grow and I feel myself aching to be fucked. I lie back down on my belly and then feel him climb on top of me and forcefully enter me from behind. I moan loudly as I feel his hard cock enter my warm slit. He thrusts his cock hard in and out of my wet pussy, my juices trickling down my thigh. Not seeing his face nor really knowing who this may be is a turn on beyond words and I cry out loudly as he continues to fuck me, his hand on my head, pulling my hair violently. We both come as we cry out together and I feel his cock spurt his come deep within. I too orgasm spectacularly, squeezing my buttocks tight and feel the spasms vibrate throughout my body.

I must have drifted off to sleep and I wake up and its day light, my arms have been untied and I’m curled up on my side. Nobody else is lying in the bed with me and I look around the room for traces. Nothing. I wonder when he’ll come again…


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