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Out of Town

The first thing he noticed was her perfume. The scent glides silently in his direction and settles close to him. He looks up and over and sees the woman sitting there. Beautiful. Dark red hair falling just past her shoulders, blue eyes and an incredible mouth. He gazes down at her legs. Just before he turns back to his work, his dark green eyes meet hers. He skims through the papers but doesn’t really see anything. Instead, his thoughts are with her, the attractive woman sitting close to him by the bar.

He turns his head to glance over again and lock eyes with her once more. They watch each other for a few seconds. Without breaking the connection, he closes his laptop and carries his empty glass over to the barstool occupied by the woman and orders another round for the two of them. The two of them continue to chat as strangers might. The time passes…minutes, an hour, and then two. Eventually, he’s talking and laughing as if he’s known her for years.  She’s been looking at the ring on his finger, wondering if it’s going to be a problem.

“It’s late” he says as he looks down to his watch, and I need to be up early tomorrow.”

She touches the ring on his left hand “Just between the two of us,” she says with a suggestive tone, “I’d rather not go back to my room alone tonight.”

She’s leaning very close to him now, so close he can feel her breath on his cheek. He feels a slight build-up of heat in his loins at her suggestion. He then tilts his head and kisses her. Nothing too dramatic, just a taste for them both. But a taste is enough.
The two of them stand. He guides her out of the bar and they get into the elevator. The doors close and he draws her to him with the hand that’s still resting on her back. The other tangles in the hair at the back of her head as he brings his mouth to hers. He gently parts her lips with his tongue, and hers mingles with his in a dance that leaves her breathless.

The light on the lock turns green and he pushes the door open, ushering her inside as he follows behind.  She walks a few feet away, drops her handbag and jacket on the table near the window, and turns to face him.

She never takes her eyes off of him as she starts to undress. She removes her clothes, so slowly it’s agonizing. He can’t take his eyes away as inch after inch of smooth, tanned skin is ever so slowly revealed. Finally she stands before him in dark red lingerie, her curves are breathtaking. She’s only inches away and she reaches down and takes both his hands in hers, pulls him further into the room. She stands very close to him. He can feel her breasts, her hard nipples, brushing his chest through his shirt. He circles her waist with his hands…

He removes the clasp of her bra and she gently slips off her panties.

He then pulls her to him and kisses her, more aggressively this time as his desire grows. Her mouth, her tongue, her body all feels foreign to him.

Never taking his mouth from hers, he guides her to the bed and lays her down. His hands begin to explore her body, taking in all the subtle nuances and curves. He tears himself away from her to stand and quickly undress. He wants to feel her naked body against his. He claims her mouth again, savouring the taste of her, and the vibration of her lips as she moans when his fingers begin to tease her nipples. They’re hard as stone and begging to be sucked. He kisses his way down to the first, leaving a fiery trail along her neck and collarbone where his lips have grazed her flesh. He takes the tight small nipple into his mouth, holding it between his teeth, teasing it mercilessly with the very tip of his tongue. Her back arches, she groans. Then he takes more of her breast into his mouth as his hand comes over to give the other the attention it craves.

He comes back to her mouth, the kiss deep and rough this time, and he feels her surrender to it. His hand releases her breasts and glides down her stomach, her hips, her thigh. Her mouth slides down and feasts on her neck as his hand then slides back up her thigh to cup her tight buttocks. He squeezes and kneads her perfect flesh, until his fingers come back around, seeking the wet heat between her thighs.

His fingers probe inside her, seeking out the soft spot he knows is there, wanting to intensify her pleasure. There’s no doubt when he finds it. Her body tenses, her inner walls cling to her fingers. His thumb finds her clit and he plays with her body, inside and out, until she climaxes with a primal scream.

He kisses and caresses his way down her body. He teases her at first, flicking his tongue over her sex until her hands come to the back of his head and she presses his face into her. His tongue finds its mark and twists and swirls its way into her depths. Her hips roll into his face as her cries become louder and more forceful. He replaces his finger with her tongue and sucks her clit into his mouth, teasing it until she’s thrashing wildly, her second orgasm now eminent.

He can’t wait any longer to be inside her. He comes back to her mouth and lets her savour her own flavour as both their tongues swirl together once again. He enters her ever so slowly, as her legs come up to wrap around his waist, allowing him to plunge even deeper. His face buries in her neck and hair. His strokes are slow and deep at first. He feels her fingers stroking lightly his back, and then feels them digging and scraping his skin as his tempo increases and her desire grows. He pulls out completely, runs his cock along her clit. She groans and shudders. He plunges back into her, thrusting deep. He feels her muscles tighten around him and know she’s on the brink as your own orgasm finally overcomes him. They cum together, her legs squeezing him tightly, her cunt milking his shaft.


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