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Threes Company

The clients who come to me range from all types of different men, the boring, clueless-about-sex accountant types, the wild and adventurous men, the young 18 year old boys in their first year of university, and the list continues.

But most of my clients are married men. That’s the way it is.

Tonight I was expecting Mr X and his wife. This will be her first time with me; Mr X says she’s wanted to try this out for a long time and that it was her idea, little does she know Mr X has been coming to see me for the past five months. But I promised him I’d act as if it was our first night together and to show his wife a great time.

The doorbell rings and I walk calmly to the door to open it. They’re both standing there, Mr X and his dark gray hair carefully slicked back as always; his strong, exotic aftershave wafting in as soon as I open the door. A smell that instantly reminds me of us and our previous nights together.

His wife is standing behind him looking slightly timid but smiles at me, trying to look confident.

I love having more than one client, male or female, it makes the night more exciting, kinky and fun…

Tonight I’m dressed down. I didn’t want to wear something too extravagant or obviously sexy. I wanted to make the girl feel comfortable. I was wearing a dark purple dress and simple black heels. My hair was loose and fell around my shoulders.

But as always, I wasn’t wearing any panties. It made life so much easier.

I ask them both to come in, make themselves comfortable and pour them each a glass of wine. I take Mr X’s wife by the hand and lead her to the cream sofa. As she sits down, I undo a few buttons of her blouse and kiss her on the mouth. I look into her eyes as if to say I cannot wait to get started on her. She’s attractive; short blonde hair and great big eyes framed by long lashes. She’s petite with small but firm breasts and is wearing a clingy black lace dress which shows off her shapely legs. I try and focus most of my attention on her, making sure I make eye contact with her as much as I can. The three of us make small talk as we drink the wine.

The wife seems to be drinking quickly and is already on her second glass. I can tell she’s nervous but I’m sure the wine will soon calm her nerves and we can begin.

Mr X walks over to her and begins to kiss her neck; he then takes her hand and leads her to where I’m sitting on the couch and sits next to me. I rest my hand on her knee and brush her hair out of her eyes. I begin to kiss her on the mouth. She lets my tongue slide in and then I feel her tongue enter my mouth. I undo the back of her bra under her blouse and begin to play with her breasts, her nipples harden immediately and seem to be crying out to be sucked and licked. Mr X sits close us, watching, I can see him touching himself and softly whispering to us. “Good girls…”

The wife lets me suck at her breasts and she rolls back her head, closing her eyes and moaning quietly. I then move down to the floor and ask her to spread her legs. She hooks up her dress so that just her black lace panties are in full view. I take off her tights and knickers, already moist with her juices. She smells good. I go down on her soft wet pussy and begin to lick her clitoris.

Mr X has now taken off his trousers and boxers and is masturbating furiously as he watches us, breathing heavily.

She begins to moan loudly as I lick her gorgeous cunt in full view f Mr X. After a few minutes of eating her delicious pussy, Mr X asks me to get on all fours, but to carry on eating the wife out. I am so hot at the moment that I am practically begging to be fucked.

The dress I’m wearing is short and I’m not wearing any panties so it’s easy for him to mount me. I gasp as I feel him enter my dripping wet pussy. The wife looks up at us, then lies back down again, allowing the pleasure of my licking to take her away while her husband fucks me hard from behind. I slide my tongue in and out of her hole and wait for her to explode in load moans in my mouth.

She tastes delicious and I swallow her juices. Mr X takes out his hard cock from me and goes over to where his wife is sitting. He asks her to lie on the floor so he can fuck her missionary and lick me at the same time. She lies down and Mr X rolls on top of her. I sit by her head, my hips high; legs open and ready to be eaten by the gorgeous Mr X as he grinds into her.  He starts to lick at my fleshy swollen lips, then begins to lick and suck hard at my clit all the while he pounds his wife hard, the three of us are all moaning and groaning together, the sound of the three of us just gets me even hotter and I come loudly in Mr X’s mouth as he grinds his red hot cock into his wife’s blonde haired cunt and she too comes, screaming.

This must have been the best present he has ever given her. It was definitely one of the best client experiences for me.


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