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The Lake

I needed to get out and think. The past few months had been difficult and I just wanted to get away from it all, be by myself, think, meditate, relax. The lake near our house is only a 15 minute walk away and the weather today was beautiful so it made sense to spend an hour or two there. It was a tranquil place, the lake was big, surrounded by colourful bushes and flowers and there were hardly ever any people around.

When I got to the lake, it glistened under the afternoon sun and a few butterflies danced around the flowers. I made myself comfortable on the dark green moss on the floor and closed my eyes. But soon enough, I was startled and opened my eyes as I heard a few splashes in the distance. I looked to see where it was coming from and made out two shapes in the lake a few hundred meters away. It looked like two young boys were out swimming. Great, I thought, the last thing I needed was noise. I decided to block the splashing noises and voices out and again closed my eyes. I made myself comfortable and bathed in the warm sunshine that caressed my legs. I was wearing a casual white dress which showed off my legs.

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Threes Company

The clients who come to me range from all types of different men, the boring, clueless-about-sex accountant types, the wild and adventurous men, the young 18 year old boys in their first year of university, and the list continues.

But most of my clients are married men. That’s the way it is.

Tonight I was expecting Mr X and his wife. This will be her first time with me; Mr X says she’s wanted to try this out for a long time and that it was her idea, little does she know Mr X has been coming to see me for the past five months. But I promised him I’d act as if it was our first night together and to show his wife a great time.

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