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The Ultimate Fantasy

It’s late as I make my way to bed; I fall back into the soft pillows and pull the satin sheet up around my shoulders, shivering slightly as the satin tickles my skin. I lie awake for a few minutes before my tiredness takes me over and I fall into a deep sensual sleep… I awake up suddenly, I am lying face down on the bed, and something doesn’t quite feel right. I open my eyes, but I can’t see anything, I lie still for a moment. I suddenly realise I’ve been blindfolded and am tied up. My heart begins to race and I can feel it thumping away, I try to struggle free but my arms are tied securely above my head and my ankles too.

I lie silent for a while and listen but I don’t hear anything.

But then I remembered. The boy.

I told him about my ultimate fantasy on our last date. At first I was hesitant about telling him, worried he may think I was too much into kinky sex, but he didn’t say much and just smiled. Memories of the night came back to me instantly, the wine, the drunken kisses, stories of rope, blindfolds and handcuffs…

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Out of Town

The first thing he noticed was her perfume. The scent glides silently in his direction and settles close to him. He looks up and over and sees the woman sitting there. Beautiful. Dark red hair falling just past her shoulders, blue eyes and an incredible mouth. He gazes down at her legs. Just before he turns back to his work, his dark green eyes meet hers. He skims through the papers but doesn’t really see anything. Instead, his thoughts are with her, the attractive woman sitting close to him by the bar.

He turns his head to glance over again and lock eyes with her once more. They watch each other for a few seconds. Without breaking the connection, he closes his laptop and carries his empty glass over to the barstool occupied by the woman and orders another round for the two of them. The two of them continue to chat as strangers might. The time passes…minutes, an hour, and then two. Eventually, he’s talking and laughing as if he’s known her for years.  She’s been looking at the ring on his finger, wondering if it’s going to be a problem.

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