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The Girl in the Sand

The sun was hot, the sky blue. I was thousands of miles from my mundane existence in the city, busy schedules, rush hour traffic, men in suits and fax machines. I was glad I didn’t have anything to do or anywhere to rush off to. I was here, living the moment on this beautiful beach, watching the waves roll in and listening to the birds above. This was just what I had planned. To do absolutely nothing. The perfect single working woman holiday.  Well, I say nothing but I did have a night out planned this evening which I was looking forward to.

The bar was small but the décor was modern and very funky. Red and orange lights skimmed the walls and interesting looking palm tree like plants were placed in every corner. I made myself comfortable on a tall white bar stool and ordered a dry martini from a very attractive young girl in a tight fitting white dress.

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